Tracing it's roots to 1958, Toyota Lacrosse Club is today the successor to the old Carling Lacrosse Club. It was in that year a crafty marketing representative from the Carling Black Label Brewing Company of Baltimore, MD thought it would be smart to sponsor a lacrosse game on the infield of the Preakness prior to the races. Thus Carling played the Baltimore Athletic Club in what would become a 32 year Preakness tradition.

After winning the 1971 National Club Championship, Carling departed as sponsor, and for one year Carling played as Pyle Lacrosse Club. In 1973 the club again changed it's name to Chesapeake Lacrosse Club. The Peakers had many a good year and was home to many a great player. The team's heydays were the last years of the 1980's, where it played for several South Championships only to come up short to stingy Mt. Washington teams. Chesapeake fell on hard times in the 1990's, fielding barely competitive teams and averaging break even records.

In July of 1995 the managers of Chesapeake happily agreed to become an advertising extension of Central Atlantic Toyota, becoming the first USCLA club team to be sponsored by a global institution. Led by legendary twins Paul and Gary Gait, the team not only became highly competitive, but also created a fan base all over the world. In 1998 women's Toyota Lacrosse Club becomes fully integrated with the men's program, being the front runner in the new Women's Mid Atlantic Club Lacrosse League. Having highly capable management and coaching, Toyota is proud to once again be at the forefront of innovation for the advancement of lacrosse.

Since the time of the merger, the club has had six televised games on Home Team Sports, instituted an 800 number which receives calls from fans each week, started a WEB page receiving hits from as far away as Japan and Australia, and played 66 games, six for championships. Of greatest importance, the team has raised money for Special Olympics in Maryland and Virginia, and performed 36 clinics in five states and the District of Columbia for over 9,000 boys and girls. Our mission is very simple:

Toyota Lacrosse Club enhances the value of Toyota cars and trucks by demonstrating excellence in lacrosse skills and sportsmanship and sharing these with as many boys and girls as possible.


Homewood Field - Johns Hopkins University
From I95 - North or South:
395 Inner Harbor
Right on Conway Street
Left on Light Street
Right on Pratt Street
Left on President's Street (Jones Falls Expressway)
Coldspring Lane East
2nd Light Right on Roland Avenue
200 yards bear left on University Parkway
Homewood Field 1 mile on Right


DateLocation / Time
April 4Mt Washington- Homewood 4pm
April 14Kislings (scrimmage) Meadowood 8pm CANCELLED
April 18Single Source Homewood 2:30pm
April 25MAB Paints Homewood 4pm
May 2MAB Paints Philly TBD
May 5Capital Homewood 7:30pm
May 7Single Source Annapolis TBD
May 16Capital Middleburg TBD
May 19Kislings (scrimmage) Meadowood 8pm
May 21Mt Washington
June 6Quarters
June 12Semi's
June 27-28Charm City Classic Patterson Park
August 20, 21, 23Ocean City

2004 STATS:

Number Name Position Games Goals Assists Points
10High, JoeAttack48412
12Muramatsu, TetsuhiroAttack44711
11LoPatin, AndyAttack4628
33Hogue, KellyAttack4404
6D'Alonzo, JesseMidfield3303
87LaMonica, MikeAttack2303
26Feldman, MarshallMidfield3112
17Kopecki, AlexMidfield4112
88LaMonica, DanAttack1022
35Sanders, AndyAttack2022
38Carrington, KennyMidfield2101
8Ciliberto, JohnDefense2101
24Connor, CaseyDefense2101
27DiCamilo, JohnMidfield4101
5Gozier, TimMidfield3101
28Martin, JakeMidfield4101
3Cain, DavidDefense2000
19Campbell, JohnDefense4000
30Cole, BryanMidfield2000
15Garros, RolandAttack2000
32Grimes, RyanDefense3000
13Hikichi, YoshiroDefense4000
9Horsey, BobbyMidfield2000
25Machiran, MikeDefense3000
14Meerholtz, ColinMidfield3000
4Pearce, TomMidfield4000
34Persing, RobDefense3000
84Pivec, ToddDefense0000
44Plantholt, MikeDefense0000
21Tankersley, JoshMidfield2000
7Zappia, MatthewDefense3000
Number Name Position Games Saves Goals Against Save %
20Bloomquist, MarkGoaltender434100.773
22Sussman, JustinGoaltender11160.647
2Miller, AdamGoaltender322150.595
2Francis, HunterGoaltender4000

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